Remington Serial Number Lookup

If you've ever wondered about the history and authenticity of your Remington firearm, a Remington Serial Number Lookup can provide you with valuable information.

We will explore why a Remington Serial Number Lookup is important, how it works, what information can be found, and the benefits of knowing your firearm's serial number.

We will also discuss the steps to perform a successful lookup and provide tips and tricks for a seamless process.

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What is a Remington Serial Number Lookup?


A Remington Serial Number Lookup is a process used to identify and decode the information encoded in the serial number of a Remington firearm, providing valuable insights into its history and authenticity.

Enthusiasts and collectors often rely on a Remington Serial Number Lookup to trace the manufacturing date, model details, and specific features of the firearm. This vital tool helps in determining the rarity and market value of the Remington gun, aiding in making informed buying, selling, or trading decisions.

By understanding the historical context and production timeline associated with the serial number, enthusiasts can appreciate the craftsmanship and evolution of Remington firearms over the years. A thorough lookup can assist in verifying the provenance of a particular gun, ensuring its legitimacy and avoiding potential counterfeit issues.

Why is a Remington Serial Number Lookup Important?


Understanding why a Remington Serial Number Lookup is crucial can help enthusiasts and collectors verify the authenticity, origin, and historical significance of their Remington firearms.

By conducting this lookup, individuals can ascertain the production date and specifications of their firearms, aiding in accurate identification and classification. This process also plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with legal regulations and assists in tracking the provenance and value of the firearm. The Remington Serial Number Lookup process serves as a gateway to uncovering the rich history and intricate details associated with each firearm, offering a deeper appreciation and understanding for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

How Does a Remington Serial Number Lookup Work?

The process of a Remington Serial Number Lookup involves decoding the serial number through various methods to extract information such as manufacture date, model, and other relevant details about the firearm.

One of the key elements in deciphering a Remington serial number is understanding the structure of the digits and letters it comprises. Typically, the first few characters indicate the model, while subsequent numbers represent the manufacturing date. By cross-referencing this data with Remington's records or online databases, enthusiasts and collectors can unearth valuable insights into the history and specifications of their firearms.

Finding the Serial Number on a Remington Firearm

Locating the serial number on a Remington firearm is crucial as it serves as the key identifier for conducting a successful Remington Serial Number Lookup.

When looking for the serial number on your Remington firearm, the most common placement is on the receiver or frame of the gun. It is typically engraved or stamped and can be found near the trigger guard, on the barrel, or underneath the gun's grip.

Ensuring you have the correct serial number is essential not only for identifying your specific firearm model but also for safety and legal purposes. In case of any maintenance or warranty claims, having this serial number readily available will streamline the process and help you get the assistance you need efficiently.

Barrel Code Diagram


Remington firearms produced after 1921 feature a code on the left side of the barrel, close to the frame, which indicates the month and year they were made.

Using an Online Database for Remington Serial Number Lookup

Leveraging online databases specifically designed for Remington Serial Number Lookup can streamline the process of identifying key information about Remington firearms based on their serial numbers.

Keeping track of serial numbers for Remington firearms is crucial for authenticity and verification purposes. The wide array of information available in online databases can provide details such as manufacturing date, model history, and even potential recalls or safety alerts associated with a specific firearm.

Accuracy in the information retrieved from these databases is paramount, ensuring that gun owners and enthusiasts have access to reliable data for their Remington firearms. The speed at which one can conduct a search through these online resources significantly saves time compared to traditional methods.




Upstrike Standards
Model Numbers #2 #4 #6 #7 #8 #9
Sept. 1883 1
Dec. 1888 37164
Jan. 1889 38122
Jan. 1890 49945
Jan. 1891 75001
Jan. 1892 75101
Jan. 1893 87097
Feb. 1893 20001
Jan. 1894 25173
Feb. 1894 1
Mar. 1894 95822
Jan. 1895 29353 6000
Dec. 1895 20000
Jan. 1896 32901 20157
Jan. 1897 33890 29902 1
Jan. 1898 34051 38103 20001 200
Jan. 1899 47617 32572 2500
Jan. 1900 58865 50200 6000
Jan. 1901 71000 69000 8900
Jan. 1902 81142 89000 12300
Nov. 1902 1
Jan. 1903 97001 113000 16000 50
Jan. 1904 115001 141000 21000 2000
Jan. 1905 132000 160000 25000 4000
Jan. 1906 144500 181000 28400 7500
Jan. 1907 160001 204200 33000 12000
Jan. 1908 170701 232100 38150 15000
Jan. 1909 175401 242550 40625 16825
Jan. 1910 177301 244250 40700 16870
Jan. 1911 178951 246300 40800 16970
Jan. 1912 179900 247300 41080 16960
Jan. 1913 180900 248100 41100 17000
Jan. 1914 181069 248355 41287 17149

#2 #4 #6 #7 #8 #9
Date Serial Date Serial Date Serial Serial Serial Serial
Dec. 1888 37164 Feb. 1893 2001 2-1-1894 1
Jan. 1889 38122 Jan. 1894 25173 1-1-1895 6000
Jan. 1890 49945 Jan. 1895 29353 Dec. 1895 20000
Jan. 1891 75001 Jan. 1896 32901 Jan. 1896 20157
Jan. 1892 75101 Jan. 1897 33890 Jan. 1897 29902 1
Jan. 1893 87097 Jan. 1898 34051 1-1-1898 38103 20001 200
Mar. 1894 95822 1-1-1899 47617 32572 2500
12.31.99 58865 50200 6000
01.1.01 71000 69000 8900
01.1.02 81142 89000 12300
11.1.02 1
01.1.03 97001 113000 16000 50
On Models 1, 3 and 5 we have no serial information. 01.1.04 115001 141000 21000 2000
01.1.05 132000 160000 25000 4000
01.1.06 144500 181000 28400 7500
01.1.07 160001 204200 33000 12000
01.1.08 170701 232100 38150 15000
01.1.09 175401 242550 40625 16825
01.1.10 177301 244250 40700 16870
01.1.11 178951 246300 40800 16900
01.1.12 179900 [UNK] 41080 16960
01.1.13 180900 248100 41100 17000
01.1.14 181069 248355 41287 17149

All Standards
1 Sept. 1873
2 Sept. 1883 Mar. 1894 96,000.00
3 Jan. 1886 Apr. 1898
4 Jan. 1883 Nov, 1902 35,000.00
5 May 1887 Feb. 1893 15,000.00
6 Feb. 1894 July, 1914 181,000.00
7 Jan. 1896 July, 1914 248,000.00
8 Oct. 1897 July, 1914 41,000.00
9 Nov. 1902 July, 1914 17,000.00
(Above dates from Ilion Factory Manager 1/24/1930)
10 1908 1925
11 1917
12 1922 1927
16 1931 1943
17 1939 1950
X Before serial number (noiseless with 6 digits in no.)
X With 4 digits (old Electric)
J Prefix (Standard)
E Prefix (Electric)
20, 30, 31, 32 1925 1939
Noiseless Model 5 24-Jun-23
6E 1932
Model 4,5,6 1911 1924
Model 6 silent 1916 1927
Model 7 1916 1926
Model 8 1916 1945

Serial # mfg dates (M = Million)
1925 L”5″ # 6-Q”5″ 848M 521M 1910M 131M
1926 L”6″ Q”6″ 940M 560M 2070M 145M
1927 B”7″ Q”7″ 1036M 662M 2210M 160M
1928 B”8″ Q”8″ 1134M 736M 2330M 177M
1929 Z120M X106M 1236M 861M 2450M 204M
1930 Z212M X157M 1348M 939M 3635M 3600M 240M
1931 Z283M X188M 1435M 999M 3825M 3817M 276M
1932 Z405M X205M 1525M 1036M 4085M 3882M 310M
# 16 1933 Z417M X216M 1554M 1050M 4130M 3885M 325M
1934 Z438M X234M 1617M 1087M 4200M 3895M 360M 10M
1935 Z479M #10-X332M 1723M 1146M 4300M 3924M 393M 11M
1936 Z521M X370M 1847M 1209M 4440M 3944M 435M 21M
1937 Z566M X398M 2005M 1285M 4610M 3966M 471M 26M
1938 Z615M X459M 2178M 1397M 4800M 4800M 502M 30M
1939 J100M X468M 2320M 1457M 4965M 4965M 523M 34M
1940 J154M X500M 2494M 1525M 5155M N5155M 547M 38M
1941 J248M X523M 2681M 1616M 5340M N5340M 573M 47M
# 17 1942 J390M X572M 2901M 1726M 5540M N5563M 602M 61M
1943 J533M X602M 3026M 1788M 5715M 5690M 623M 77M
1944 J542M X603M 3026M 1793M 5715M —– 643M 80M
1945 J605M X608M 3037M 1850M 5760M —– 665M 86M
1946 J780M X608M 3094M 1917M 5849M —– 730M 97M
1947 J1058M X629M 3273M 2002M 6124M 5908M 783M 146M
1948 J1332M X685M 3550M 2108M 6310M 5926M 856M 192M
[UNK] 1949 J1515M X702M 3865M 2193M 6530M 5937M 892M A-003M A-000M
1950 J1642M [UNK] X717M 4100M 2282M 6638M 1000M A-029M A-006M
1951 J1964M E1,950,000 X740M 4360M 2358M 6814M 1130M A-065M A-015M
1952 J2208M E2,092,000 X769M 4688M 3103M 7010M 1142M A-104M A-025M
[UNK] 600 “700”
1953 J2353M E2,116,000 X781M 4990M 3200M 7270M 1166M 1750M A-146M A-038M
1954 J2455M E2,131,000 X794M 5248M 4025M 7420M 1176M 1768M A-300M A-054M
1955 J2550M E2,153,000 X805M 3500M 4098M 7600M 1820M A-350M
1956 J2630M E2,190,000 X813M 5787M 4200M 7800M 1852M
1957 J2744M E2,227,000 X825M 6088M 4256M 7950M 2100M
1958 J2811M E2,263,000 X833M 6415M 4312M 8143M 2139M
Royal Electric, Smith-Corona Electric and Underwood Electric Typweriters are numbered in the same series as Standard Machines.

Platen lengths compared with other brands
MODEL 11″ 12-13″ 14-15-16″ 18-19″ 20-22-24″ WIDER THAN 26″
P. C. W. L. P. C. W. L. P. C. W. L. P. C. W. L. P. C. W. L. P. C. W. L.
Remington Standard 27.” 26.”
11.” 10.” 13.” 12.” 15.” 14.” 18.” 17.” 20.” 19.” 32.” 31.”
Remington Noiseless 11.18 9.25 12.75 11.25 14.75 13.25 18.75 17.25
Royal 27 25
11.25 10 13 11 16 14 21 19 33 31
L. C. Smith Std. & Secty. 12 10 13.5 11.5 15.5 13.5 19.5 17 21.5 19 27.5 25
Underwood 11.25 10 13.25 12 15.25 14 20.25 19 27.25 26
R. C. Allen 11 9.5 13 11.5 14.5 12.8 18.5 16.8 22.5 20.8 26.5 24.8
15.7 14
-INF 13 12 17 16 21 20 27 26
Rem. Statesman 13 12 15 14 18 17 20 19
I. B. M. Elec. 12.5 12.4 16 15.9 19 18.9 23 22.9 29 28.9
Royal Elec. 13 11 16 14 21 19 27 25
Und. Elec. 13.25 12 15.25 14 21.25 19 27.25 26
Smith Elec. 13.5 11.5 15.5 13.5 21.5 19 27.5 25

Contacting Remington for a Serial Number Lookup

In cases where online resources are not sufficient, reaching out to Remington directly for a Serial Number Lookup can provide detailed and accurate information about the firearm.

By contacting Remington for a Serial Number Lookup, you can ensure that the information you receive is verified and specific to your firearm. This direct communication allows for personalized assistance, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly and accurately. The experts at Remington can offer insights and guidance beyond just the serial number, enhancing your understanding and ownership experience of your firearm.

What Information Can Be Found Through a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

A Remington Serial Number Lookup can reveal crucial details such as the year of manufacture, specific model and variations, production date, location, and production numbers associated with a Remington firearm.

By analyzing the serial number, one can determine the exact year the firearm was produced, offering insights into its historical significance and potential value in collecting or selling. Knowing the specific model and variations helps in identifying unique features and specifications of the firearm, aiding in maintenance and customization.

Understanding the production date and location provides context to the firearm's manufacturing history, potentially shedding light on the quality standards and craftsmanship characteristic of Remington firearms during that period.

The production numbers associated with the firearm allow collectors and enthusiasts to gauge the rarity and popularity of a particular model, contributing to its overall market value and desirability.

Year of Manufacture

Determining the year of manufacture through a Remington Serial Number Lookup can provide valuable insight into the age and historical context of a Remington firearm.

Knowing the exact year of production helps gun enthusiasts and collectors gauge the rarity and authenticity of their Remington firearms. This information is crucial for establishing provenance and determining the potential value of the firearm in the market. Remington Serial Number Lookup allows individuals to trace the lineage of their firearm, uncovering any modifications or repairs made over time. Understanding the historical significance of a Remington firearm adds depth to one's collection and appreciation for the craftsmanship of these iconic pieces.

Model and Variation

The model and variation of a Remington firearm can be accurately determined through a Serial Number Lookup, providing enthusiasts and collectors with specific details about the firearm's specifications.

When conducting a Remington Serial Number Lookup, the identification of the model and variation is crucial not just for enthusiasts and collectors, but also for historians and firearm experts. By deciphering this information, individuals can delve deeper into the history, development, and authenticity of a particular Remington firearm. Understanding the specific model and variation helps in cataloging the different configurations manufactured by Remington over the years, allowing for a more comprehensive study of the evolution and variations within the brand's product line.

Production Date and Location

The production date and location of a Remington firearm can be deciphered through a Serial Number Lookup, shedding light on where and when the firearm was manufactured.

By diving into the details provided by the serial number, enthusiasts and collectors gain insight into the historical context and lineage of the firearm.

Understanding the production date allows individuals to place the firearm within a specific era of Remington's manufacturing evolution.

Identifying the location where the firearm was made provides additional layers of knowledge, such as regional manufacturing practices or potential variations in quality.

This depth of information adds value to the piece both in terms of historical significance and potential rarity.

Production Numbers

The production numbers associated with a Remington firearm can be uncovered through a Serial Number Lookup, providing insights into the volume and scale of production for that particular model.

These production numbers serve as a valuable tool for gun enthusiasts, collectors, and historians alike, offering a glimpse into the popularity and demand for specific Remington models over the years. By analyzing these figures, one can track the evolution of different firearm series, understand the market trends, and even determine the rarity of certain models.

What Are the Benefits of Knowing a Remington Firearm's Serial Number?

Knowing a Remington firearm's serial number can offer benefits such as verifying authenticity, determining value for collectors, and tracking ownership history for enthusiasts.

Verifying the authenticity of a Remington firearm through its serial number is crucial for collectors and enthusiasts alike as it ensures that the piece is genuine and not a counterfeit. This verification process adds value not only in monetary terms but also in the preservation of historical accuracy and craftsmanship.

Having access to the serial number allows collectors to determine the specific model, year of manufacture, and any historical significance tied to the firearm, providing a rich context to its ownership journey. Tracking the ownership history through the serial number can establish a lineage that adds provenance and sentimental value to the firearm.

Verification of Authenticity

One of the key benefits of knowing a Remington firearm's serial number is the ability to verify its authenticity, ensuring that collectors and enthusiasts have genuine Remington products.

Authenticity verification through a Remington Serial Number Lookup process is crucial for safeguarding against counterfeit firearms entering the market. By cross-referencing the serial number with manufacturer records, buyers can confirm the origin and history of a Remington firearm. This verification not only protects buyers from purchasing fake products but also upholds the reputation and legacy of the Remington brand.

The verification process plays a vital role in maintaining the safety standards associated with Remington firearms. Counterfeit weapons may lack the quality control measures implemented by the original manufacturer, posing potential risks to users. Therefore, ensuring that each Remington firearm is authentic through a serial number lookup is essential for maintaining the integrity and reliability of these firearms.

Determining Value for Collectors

Understanding a Remington firearm's serial number can aid collectors in assessing its value, rarity, and historical significance, contributing to knowledge-based decision making in the realm of firearm collecting.

When a collector possesses the knowledge of a Remington firearm's serial number, it provides a gateway to uncovering a wealth of information about the weapon's origins, production year, and potential modifications throughout its lifetime. This data is like a roadmap that guides enthusiasts through the intricate history and evolution of the specific firearm in question. Armed with this critical detail, collectors can accurately pinpoint the model, variant, and batch of production, enabling them to gauge its authenticity and provenance.

Tracking Ownership History

Tracking the ownership history of a Remington firearm through its serial number can unveil the journey and provenance of the firearm, adding a layer of historical context and personal connection for enthusiasts.

By diving into the Remington Serial Number Lookup, individuals can uncover a rich tapestry of stories that have woven through the hands of previous owners, potentially revealing ties to significant historical events or figures.

This process not only sheds light on the firearm's past but also deepens the appreciation for its craftsmanship and the craftsmanship of those who have handled it over time.

What Are the Steps to Perform a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

Performing a Remington Serial Number Lookup involves gathering necessary information, selecting a suitable lookup method, and entering the serial number to decode valuable details about the firearm.

After acquiring the essential data, the process entails choosing the appropriate approach to conduct the lookup effectively. Depending on the model and age of the Remington firearm, there are several online databases, official manufacturer records, or specialized services that can assist in deciphering the serial number. Thorough research and careful selection of the lookup method can significantly impact the accuracy and depth of information retrieved.

Gather Necessary Information

The initial step in performing a Remington Serial Number Lookup is to gather all relevant information about the firearm, including the location of the serial number and any additional details that may aid in the lookup process.

Having this crucial information at hand is paramount for a successful search, as it significantly increases the chances of decoding the serial number accurately. A thorough understanding of the firearm's model, maker, and any unique features can simplify the process and lead to more precise results.

Knowing the manufacturing date or place of origin can provide valuable context when researching the history or authenticity of the firearm. Without these essential details, the Remington Serial Number Lookup could yield inconclusive or inaccurate outcomes, hampering the identification process.”

Choose a Method for Lookup

After gathering the necessary information, the next step is to select a suitable method for conducting the Remington Serial Number Lookup, whether through online databases, manufacturer contact, or other resources.

Online databases provide a convenient way to search for Remington serial numbers by entering the specific details you have collected. These databases can offer quick and easy access to a vast amount of information related to Remington firearms.

On the other hand, reaching out to the manufacturer directly can sometimes yield the most accurate results, as they have access to detailed records and archives.

Trusted forums and websites dedicated to firearms enthusiasts can also be valuable resources. Engaging with fellow gun owners and experts in these online communities can often lead to valuable insights and information regarding Remington serial numbers.

Enter the Serial Number or Contact Remington

The final step in a Remington Serial Number Lookup is to enter the serial number into the chosen lookup tool or contact Remington directly to decode the encoded information and unveil the firearm's details.

Accurate data entry is crucial to ensure the results are as precise as possible. Once the serial number is submitted, the lookup tool or Remington's customer service will provide valuable insights into the firearm's manufacturing date, model, and any historical significance.

It's essential to note that direct communication with Remington can offer additional information or clarify any discrepancies found in the initial lookup. By following these steps diligently, enthusiasts or gun owners can fully understand the provenance and specifications of their Remington firearm.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for a Successful Remington Serial Number Lookup?

To enhance the effectiveness of a Remington Serial Number Lookup, consider double-checking the serial number, utilizing multiple sources for verification, and maintaining patience and persistence throughout the process.

Start by ensuring that the serial number is correctly transcribed without any errors. Next, broaden your verification horizons by cross-referencing the number across official documentation, online databases, and firearms forums for accuracy. Researching the history and manufacturing specifics tied to the serial number can significantly aid in decoding it.

Approach the task with a curious and detail-oriented mindset, as this will help you unearth hidden clues and insights that might reveal crucial information. Don't hesitate to reach out to expert collectors or gunsmiths for guidance, as their experience can be invaluable in deciphering complex serial numbers.

Double-check the Serial Number

Before proceeding with a Remington Serial Number Lookup, it is advisable to double-check the accuracy of the entered serial number to avoid errors or discrepancies in the decoding process.

Attention to detail plays a crucial role in the accuracy of the results obtained through a Remington Serial Number Lookup. Ensuring that the serial number is correctly entered can prevent misinterpretations that may lead to incorrect information. By verifying the serial number before conducting the lookup, individuals can significantly improve the precision and reliability of the data retrieved.

Whether for authentication purposes, historical research, or tracking the origin of a firearm, the meticulous verification of the serial number is critical. Taking the time to validate this crucial piece of information can make all the difference between accurate identification and potential misinformation. Remember, the devil is in the details when it comes to unraveling the history behind each Remington firearm.

Use Multiple Sources

For a comprehensive Remington Serial Number Lookup, consider utilizing multiple sources of information, such as online databases, manufacturer records, and expert opinions, to cross-verify and validate the decoded details.

By tapping into various resources, you can enhance the accuracy of your findings, ensuring that you get a complete and reliable picture of your Remington firearm's history and specifications.

Manufacturer records may provide specific production details, while online databases could offer community-sourced insights and user experiences. Expert opinions can offer valuable perspectives and interpretations that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Cross-referencing this information not only helps to confirm the authenticity of your findings but also adds layers of depth to your understanding, enriching your overall knowledge of the firearm in question.

Be Patient and Persistent

Patience and persistence are key virtues when engaging in a Remington Serial Number Lookup, as the process may require time and effort to decode the information accurately and uncover the firearm's details.

When diving into a Remington Serial Number Lookup, one must understand that deciphering these codes demands a meticulous approach. Each digit and letter holds significance in revealing the history and specifications of the firearm in question. Perseverance plays a crucial role in piecing together the puzzle of serial numbers, as it might necessitate multiple attempts to locate the relevant data. By investing time and energy in this process, individuals can ensure that they are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of their firearm's origins and characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

A Remington Serial Number Lookup is a tool that allows gun owners to quickly and easily identify the specific details and history of their Remington firearm based on its unique serial number.

Why would I need to use a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to use a Remington Serial Number Lookup. You may need to confirm the authenticity of a gun you are looking to purchase, or you may need to retrieve important details such as the date of manufacture for insurance or legal purposes.

How do I use a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

To use a Remington Serial Number Lookup, you will need to locate the serial number on your firearm. This number is typically found on the receiver or barrel of the gun. Once you have the serial number, you can enter it into a lookup tool online or contact the Remington customer service department for assistance.

Is a Remington Serial Number Lookup accurate?

Yes, a Remington Serial Number Lookup is typically very accurate. The database used for these tools is regularly updated and maintained to ensure the most accurate and current information is provided to users.

Can I use a Remington Serial Number Lookup for any Remington firearm?

Yes, a Remington Serial Number Lookup can be used for any Remington firearm. This includes rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

Are there any fees associated with using a Remington Serial Number Lookup?

No, most Remington Serial Number Lookup tools are free to use. However, some may require a small fee for premium features or access to additional information. Be sure to research the tool you are using beforehand to avoid any unexpected charges.


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